Sunday, 28 June 2009

Bussing the Bankers

Every decent high-school movie has to have a scene in a school bus.

The protagonist gets on the bus and he knows everyone. The cute girls are ogling at him whilst he walks past the usual selection of stereotypical schoolmates, the jock, the nerd, the wallflower etc etc.

Getting on the bus to work I recently felt like straight out of that movie. I have been getting on the same bus for a while and finally you realize, you have seen all of them before.

You know who is getting on where, who is leaving at which stop, who is going to work and who is dropping off their kids at school.

You also realize that some people are already at work when they get on the bus. They have their Blackberry out and type furiously, others approach the morning commute more leisurely.

Time passing is symbolized by kids who have been not reading recently are suddenly being quizzed by their mom over the spelling of "amazing". Occasionally, a woman starts showing a baby bump, others reappear from being gone on maternity leave.

The one thing that is different from all the high school movies, their is no chatting. It if like Ferris Bueller's Day off with the sound turned off. Because everybody provides their own soundtrack on their shiny MP3 players.

Which means everybody is in their own movie.

Let's hope everybody is enjoying it.