Thursday, 12 June 2008

(Some of) London's Best Chippers

If there is ever such a thing as a genuine English dish, it has to be Fish & Chips. But there are better ones and less tasty ones. Time to take (fish) stock.

This survey by no means claims to be comprehensive, but rather based on first hand experience - which in many ways could be considered pure coincidence (since sometimes you just happen to get to places which turn out to be very good). But nevertheless, one knows what one likes, and in terms of Fish & Chips served, this would include the following:

  • Rock & Sole Plaice: Conveniently located on Endell Street in Covent Garden, one should not be deterred by the slightly run down interior. The fact that it is always crowded speaks for itself.
  • Tom's Kitchen: Admittedly, I never went there, but the Fish & Chips he served at last year's Taste of London in Regent's Park were so good in fact, I believe that it must be worth a visit.
  • The Narrow: Gordon Ramsay's gastropub in Limehouse does nothing to jeopardise GR's brand reputation. It is simply very well made indeed.
  • Masters Super Fish: Just around the corner from The Old Vic, this place is many cabbies' favourite. And since they have the knowledge, who would doubt their judgement.
  • Fish! Essentially the take out window of an upmarket fish restaurant in Borough Market, this is a lunchtime favourite for the Friday excursion to the market. The portions are so substantial, the afternoon is usually spent dozing off and digesting the giant haddock.
The first Fish & Chip I ever had was in Brighton about 15 years ago, and it was so genuine, it was even served out of a newspaper.

Surprisingly, neither of the above serve the fish in a paper, despite the fact that there are so many disposable newspapers to wrap fish in.

Then again, it's impolite to read whilst eating anyway.