Saturday, 18 October 2008

Keep Your Dignity with Google Mail!

You have to love this. GoogleMail (or gmail) now has a feature that is aimed at preventing you from "drinking and mailing".

This feature - called Mail Goggles - is remarkably simple. You set up a time window (default is Friday and Saturday night between 10pm and 4am) at which you are most likely tempted to send out e-mails you might regret later.

Before the e-mail is sent out, you have to answer five maths questions correctly.

You can even set the level of difficulty for those questions, in case you happen to have a PhD in maths and consider yourself brilliant even when intoxicated.

Where were those features when we needed them most - 15 years ago, and applicable to all means of communications like phones, SMS etc?

I guess all you need now is a friend that prevents you from showing up drunk at you ex-wife's doorstep to embarrass yourself.

Although I don't want Google for this purpose.



HA! So you WEREN'T making this up last week! I seriously have to sign up for's brilliant! Now the question is, how simple can one get the questions...