Wednesday, 9 July 2008

To be or not to be: A tourist

London is an exciting town, which is probably the reason why in the summer (which is currently although one can't tell) the city is over-crowded by tourists.

This can be a nuisance for the rightful residents who don't really care about all the touristy bits on offer. Although, maybe they should care.

It is quite surprising that a lot of those living in London have not been to certain spots that some people travel to London for. I definitely include me in that portion of the residents who have not been to The Changing of the Guards or to the London Dungeon.

But, very surprisingly, some touristy bits of London are actually quite fun, and can be even more fun if you have lived here for a while.

For instance: I went on the London Eye a while ago and enjoyed it a lot, I thought it was in particular funny because I knew a lot of things to look for, tried to spot the office, my house etc. Not what your weekend visitor would look for.

Occasionally you get visitors who insist on going to Madame Tussauds or go on an open top bus tour (not to show off your FA cup trophy that is), so whether you like it or not, sometimes you are exposed to common sights.

Hence I compiled a Top 5 list of tourist attractions I consider worth seeing, and a Top 5 of those which are only in business because tourists (unlike us sophisticated natives) don't know better.

Top 5 (no particular order)

  • Take a Jack the Ripper walk from Tower Hill tube station (and end up on Brick Lane going for a curry)
  • Go on top of St Paul's Cathedral (unless you can't do heights)
  • Take a boat ride on the Thames
  • Try catching a Routemaster bus (top level)
  • Going on the London Eye
Bottom 5 (no order, all equally bad)
  • Dinner at Aberdeen Angus Steak House
  • Visit to Madame Tussauds
  • Visit to London Dungeon
  • Drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe
  • Seeing a "show" in SoHo