Monday, 23 June 2008

Drink here to avoid disappointment!

As if there are not enough rules and regulations in our lives already, it seems to be getting worse and worse.

Smokers are nowadays confined to outdoor spaces (which is probably just as well), KFC refuses to warm up baby bottles citing Health & Safety regulations (which is less convenient) and Circle Line parties have come to a grinding halt with Boris Johnson's recent coronation as London Mayor.

Even more shockingly, overground drinkers are being penned up in front of signs telling them where to drink for no apparent reason with the above example having been spotted in the City.

While the summer so far has not been inviting enough to wander the streets of the Square Mile with a casual bottle of Bollinger, maybe these extreme measures have become necessary because of an ever increasing number of bankers who are being informed of their redundancies and who become renegade consumers of alcoholic beverages with no intention of being tied down to pre-allocated drinking spots.

Next thing we know, they might stop serving drinks in the City altogether prior to 5pm in an effort to prevent traders from becoming rogue and risk managers from turning blind/hazy eyes on their dealings.

And this is when The Cloud will finally have turned into a very dark one indeed.